Monday, August 26, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 75

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After slamming the cage door shut, our hero sees the door rebound open again!


"There's no latch!" I yelled.

"Maybe it was on backorder," Martin replied as we both looked about for something to use to block the gate.  There was nothing -- no wire, no steel bars, no handy padlock large enough to do the job.  There wasn't even anything we could push in front of the cage door to buy a few more seconds.

A boom echoed as the workmen and guards slammed shut the only door out of the pit.  Our only hope for escape was blocked.  Either we dealt with the tammars or they would deal with us!

I glanced at the tammar pulling itself past the two Martin and I had slain.  We had mere seconds before the tammar would be bounding across the pit floor.  Even Boosted, there was no way I could reach the creature before it go free and Martin was on the wrong side of the cage-tunnel to attack it.

Martin crouched and then sprang up to the top of the tunnel.  It was too high for him to clear in a single bound, so he turned it into a vault.  Grabbing a bar over the top, he swung his feet around toward the far side of the tunnel.  It was a great move, just the kind of thing you'd see from the hero in an adventure vid, but he was just too near the tammar in the back.

A claw lashed out and blood spurted over the bars as Martin's hand was ripped open!  He cried out in pain and lost his grip on the bars.  Martin dropped onto the bars at the top of the tunnel and in easy reach of the tammar below!

Another claw slashed toward Martin and there was nothing I could do to help him!

Is this the end for Martin Bane?  Find out in Chapter 76, coming Wednesday!