Friday, August 23, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 74

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Our hero faces the tammars by himself as Martin runs to attack from the flank!


One of the tammars in the back got tired of waiting to get out into the open cage and slashed at the right flank of the tammar I had been fighting.  A roar turned into a yowl as the wounded tammar's rear leg collapsed under the force of the blow.  The impatient tammar began climbing over the lead tammar.

Seeing my opportunity, I struck at the wounded and distracted predator.  My blade struck true, piercing the tammar's left eye and plunging into its brain!  In a move my hoped-for children would find morbidly fascinating, I wiggled my sword around, slicing the tammar's brain into many parts.

The tammar pulled away from me in reflex, freeing my sword.  The tammar spasmed and convulsed in violent death throes as the last impulses from the pieces of brain went awry.  The impatient tammar found itself flung left and right, unable to get past the dying predator.

Then Martin dashed up to the side of the cage.  He thrust his sword into the throat of the impatient tammar and sawed through muscle and arteries.  Blood fountained from the tammar, soaking it and its dying companion.

"The tunnel is blocked, David!" Martin shouted over the screams of the dying and trapped tammars.  "Get out of there before the other two start clawing their way out!"

I sprinted for the cage door.  Behind me, the two healthy tammars were already starting to claw at the dying ones, trying to get to me.  I cleared the door before either of them cleared the cage-tunnel and slammed the cage door shut.  With a clang, the cage door rebounded and swung open again.

The first tammar was poking its head out of the tunnel when I saw that the cage door had no latch!

Is there any way our heroes can escape the tammars?  Find out in Chapter 75, coming Monday!