Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 73

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Our heroes stand against four angry tammars!


The first tammar tried to leap while it was still in the cage-tunnel.  The bars rang from the impact and the tammar's charge slowed.  I took advantage of the distraction to slash it across the cheek.  The tammar roared and swatted at my blade, smacking the tip of it.  The tammar roared again as the blade tip plunged into its paw but the power of the blow almost knocked my sword from my hand!

As I stepped back from my thrust, Martin lunged at the angry tammar.  The tammar tried to rear up on its hind legs and whacked its head on the bars again.  Martin manage to score a cut on the tammar's leg before leaping back just ahead of slashing claws!

"Martin, we can't keep this up long enough to kill any of the tammars!"  I lunged for one of the tammar's eyes but ended up slicing through an ear.

"Got any ideas?"  Martin tried for the other eye but his blade just scraped along the jawbone.

"Yeah.  You run out of the cage and attack them through the bars of the tunnel."  I stabbed a slashing paw that came too close.

"Why me?" Martin asked.

"Because I've adjusted to Boost and can do it longer than you," I replied, slashing a leg.  "Now go!"

Someone else -- my wife, for instance -- might have argued with me.  Martin and I both had Scout training and, more, both knew I was the logical man to guard the tunnel.  Martin made a wild swing to force the tammar back then bolted for the cage door.

I moved to block the center of the tunnel exit and stood alone against the tammars!

Can David hold off the tammars long enough for Martin kill them or drive them off?  Find out in Chapter 74, coming Friday!