Monday, August 19, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 72

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Our heroes are trapped in a caged tunnel with two tammars!


Martin and I tucked in midair, spinning so we landed on our feet.  Had we landed on our backs -- which we would have done without Boost -- we would never have regained our feet.  As it was, we still had fifty feet of tunnel-cage to cover before the tammars, now four since the commotion had woken up the sleeping ones, could catch us!

The two lead tammars took a second to check their environment.  I guess they were instinctively looking for threats, but anything that slowed them down was fine by me!

"Run!"  Martin said.

"No, swing!"  I grabbed the bars above our heads, pulled my feet up, and began swinging like some jungle lord from the adventure vids my father loved to watch.

Martin followed my lead just as the tammars decided it was safe to chase us.  Most people would think running was faster, but with our Boost enhanced strength and reflexes we moved faster swinging.

The snarling tammars kept getting in each other's way, trying to be the first to make a kill.  Even so, they were only fifteen feet behind us as Martin and I swung into the larger cage.  The gate hung open not thirty feet from us but we knew it would all be over if the tammars reached this open space and could leap properly.

Outside the cage, the shouts of the workmen and the guards echoed though the pit.

"The tammars are free!"

"The gate is open!"

"It's Rice and Bane!"

"Let's get out of here!"

"Bar the doors!"

"Send for more men!"

They were as scared of us as they were the tammars!  I guessed we weren't going to get any help from them.

At the end of the cage-tunnel, we drew our swords and waited for tammars!

Can our heroes keeping Boosting long enough to turn back or kill four tammars?  Find out in Chapter 73, coming Wednesday!