Friday, August 16, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 71

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Trying to hide from King Rat's work party, David and Martin find themselves facing four tammars!


Neither Martin nor I moved as the dim light from the torch reflected back at us from two pairs of large, alert eyes.  The owners of the eyes regarded us with unsettling intensity, heads up and ears pricked.  The other two tammars appeared to be asleep -- a small blessing, but a blessing none-the-less.

The room was about 40 feet across and maybe thirty feet wide, with a sloping ceiling that started just higher than our heads but was close to thirty feet high at the far wall.  The only door in the far wall was twenty feet off the floor and behind a barred catwalk.  We definitely weren't getting out that way!

"Ideas?" Martin asked in a low tone.

"Back the way we came?"

"What about the workmen?"  Martin sidled closer to the door back into the pit.

"Let's put a door between us and the tammars, first."  Slowly, I turned the door handle.

A tammar rose to its feet and stretched, never taking its eyes off of us.

"Now!"  We shoved the door open and ran through it.

The two alert tammars sprang toward the door, rushing toward the door with frightening speed!

"Boost!" I said, triggering my own Boost.

Adrenaline poured into my system and time slowed.  So did the tammars' charge, but not by much.  Martin and I shoved on the door, trying desperately to close it before the tammars reached the door.

The door was still a foot short of closing when the tammars crashed into the door.  Our Boosted strength was nothing against against the tammars' combined weight.

We were thrown back twenty feet as the door slammed open and the tammars bounded into the pit!

Confined to the narrow cage-tunnel, how can our heroes hope to escape from the tammars?  Find out in Chapter 72, coming Monday!