Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 70

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When last we saw David and Martin, they were about to be discovered within the tammar pit!


Martin and I had bare minutes before a work party and their guards reached the tammar pit.  We cast about for someplace -- anyplace -- to hide.  There was work in progress in every part of the pit, from the arena to the ascending rows of benches for spectators, and only the one entrance.  King Rat had even had the hole in the ceiling -- the one Callan had been pushed through months ago -- sealed.

"I only see one place to go."  Martin pointed to the center of the pit.

A floor-to-ceiling cage had been built there.  A cage-tunnel, for want of a better word for it, stretched from the large cage back to a door in the wall of the pit.  It didn't take any great imagination to figure out the tammar would enter and leave the pit through the cage-tunnel.

We ran into the cage and down the cage-tunnel.

"Do you think we'll find a tammar on the other side of the door?" I asked.

"Probably.  Too many things have been going our way lately."

"We're trying to hide in a tammar lair while plotting to kill King Rat so he won't force the city-states to invade Mordan and that's your idea of things going our way?"

"We're not dead yet," Martin shot back.

"I do hope the souls of my yet-to-be-conceived children take solace from your optimism," I replied, "because I don't."

"You cut me to the quick, David!"  Martin drew his sword as he reached the door.

"Better me than a tammar, Martin."  I drew my sword as well.

With workmen's voices beginning to echo within the pit, we opened the door and slipped through.  We didn't find a single tammar in the lair.  We found four!

Even with Boost, can our heroes hope to overcome four tammars?  Find out in Chapter 71, coming Friday!