Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 67

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Our heroes located King Rat's tammar pit but found it heavily guarded.


"Okay, we've found the tammar pit," Martin said.  "Now what?"

"Now I wait for the guards to leave with the workmen and then find a hiding place in the pit," I said.  "You're going slip out into the city and report to Callan."

"Not going to happen, David.  I'd rather face King Rat, all his guards, and a tammar than tell Callan I left you alone down here."


"When it comes to your wife, damn right I'm a coward!  If I bring you back in one piece, I'll probably get a peck on the cheek as thanks.  If I leave you down here, my body will never be found!"

"Callan would never do that!"

"Yeah, I know.  Instead, her eyes would fill with unshed tears, she'd put on a brave face, then tell me your death wasn't my fault."  Martin shuddered.  "I'd rather be flayed alive than face that!"

"Okay, okay.  You can stay with me."

Hours later, the workmen came out of the pit and the guards led them away.  Martin and I faded into the shadows of a side passage and the group walked right past us.  We gave them fifteen minutes before slipping down the tunnel and into the tammar pit.  I lit a torch and saw how busy the workmen had been.

A steel cage stood in the pit, backing up against a wall.  There was a door in the wall, probably to let the tammar in.  A double gated cage entrance would allow victims to be pushed into the cage without putting guards at risk.  The workmen has even built bleachers around the cage.

Then we heard voices outside the pit but coming closer.

"Must be a second shift of workmen," Martin said.

We looked about.  There was no place to hide!

Are our heroes about to be discovered?  Find out in Chapter 68, coming Friday!