Monday, August 5, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 66

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Our hero's search for King Rat's tammar pit hits a major snag.


"How can some place large enough for a tammar pit be secret?" I asked.

"There are many tunnels down here.  The workers are blindfolded and the king leads them there himself," the herald replied.  "He executes anyone who tries to follow.  Only the king and few of his guards know where the pit is."

"Brutal, but effective," Martin said.

"Yeah, but we're harder to kill than the typical tunnel rat," I said.  "How long before the king leads another work party to the pit?"

"I don't know.  I'm a herald of the court, not one of the lower classes!"

"Then you're pretty useless, aren't you?"  Martin smacked the herald with his pommel.  "What now?"

"I don't quite know," I responded.  "This secret location tale strikes me as odd.  Why bother if the whole idea is to draw us into the open?"

"Maybe King Rat is trying to lure us into a trap?" Martin mused.  "The plan is a bit convoluted for my taste, but even you must admit you have a very direct approach to problem solving."

"Let's say you're right.  If you were King Rat, where would you put the new tammar pit?"

"Right where the old one was," Martin replied.  "I'd install a movable cage to keep the tammar in place, but otherwise do everything the same way as before."

"I bow to your intimate knowledge of criminal affairs."  I inclined slightly in Martin's direction.  "Let's investigate."

"What about these guys?"  Martin waved toward the unconscious guards and herald.

"Leave them.  As far as the herald knows, we believe his story and he'll report that to King Rat."

An hour later, we peeked down a well-lit hallway toward the old tammar pit.  Six men guarded this entrance.  It looked like Martin had been right!

Is it time for our hero's direct action or will Martin have a more subtle plan?  Find out in Chapter 67, coming Wednesday!