Friday, August 2, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 65

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King Rat threatens to feed slaves to his tammar unless David surrenders!


The shouts of the heralds still echoed in the tunnels as Martin and I withdrew to discuss our options.

"This is why it's so much easier being a raider than being the good guy," Martin said.  "No one threatens innocent people to force you to surrender."

"You get used to it after a while," I sighed.  "We need more information.  You up for some more exploration?"

"Are we looking for anything in particular?"

"After my last visit to King Rat's tammar pit, I figure he's changed the setup.  We've need to see what's changed."

"It could take hours to find the pit on our own."  Martin grinned.  "Let's get a native guide."

King Rat had sent his heralds to edges of his lighted territory to insure his message reached us.  He'd even sent a couple of guards along with each herald.  They'd been at it long enough that boredom had set in.  The heralds cried the message every few minutes.  The rest of the time, the herald and the guards just sat around shooting the breeze.

"Throat's raw."  The herald's voice was getting raspy.  "Gotta rest it."

"You're in luck, then."  I strode into the circle of light cast by their torch.  "I'm here to surrender."

The three jumped to their feet, the guards raising their swords.  I kept my sword sheathed and my arms held wide.  Martin, Boosted, dashed up from behind them.  His sword pommel cracked against a guard's head.  Before the first guard hit the floor, Martin had done the same to the second guard.  As the herald opened his mouth, both our swords pressed against his throat.

"Give it a rest," Martin said, "except when David asks questions."

"Take me to King Rat's new tammar pit."

"I can't," the herald rasped.  "It's location is secret!"

Can David and Martin find the new tammar pit in time to save the slaves or must David surrender to King Rat?  Find out in Chapter 66, coming Monday!