Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 64

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David and Martin continue their guerilla raids against King Rat!


My scheme was going well.  Our kitchen raid had left King Rat's people hungry and disorganized.  He'd expected us to hit the armory next and had laid a trap.  We hit their store of oil, instead.  We left piles of burning torches, wrecked lanterns, and barrels of burning oil.  The tunnel rats had crowded into the few rooms left with light, fraying tempers even further.

Meanwhile, our band of rescued slaves had plenty of light and food.  We also had free run more and more of the underground empire.  When we found an exit to the surface, we released all of the former slaves.  It also finally gave us a chance to get rid of Raoul.

"You're sending me away?" Raoul's eyes were wide -- in fear, I guess.

"Yes, Raoul.  I came down here to save you from King Rat."  Martin's eyebrows shot up when I said that.  "Returning you to the light is on the first step.  You won't be safe until I've dealt with the king."

I was proud of myself.  I think my tone was sincere.  At least it wasn't dripping with sarcasm.

Raoul nodded solemnly, "You're a good man, Rice.  I'll see you knighted for your service to me!"

Watching Raoul walk away, Martin murmured, "I never thought I'd feel pity for Raoul."

Nodding, I led the way back into the tunnels.

As we neared the inhabited parts of the tunnel system, we heard voices calling out.  They seemed to all be repeating the same message, but with all the echoes, I couldn't make it out.  It took ten minutes to get close enough to concentrate on a single voice.

"David Rice, His Majesty King Rat orders you to surrender!  If you refuse, the remaining slaves will be fed to His Majesty's new tammar!"

Will our heroes surrender rather than allow innocent people to die?  Find out in Chapter 65, coming Friday!