Monday, July 29, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 63

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Somehow, the trogs and the desert tribes have found a way to talk to each other!


"Trogs told the tribes about David?" I couldn't wrap my head around that idea.  "How?  The Great One is the only being -- trog or human -- who's ever been able to speak the other's language!"

Tristan spoke with the tribesmen for several minutes.  I hated speaking through translators!  It takes forever and even the best translator can make a mistake.  What I wouldn't have given for one of those implant things David has in his head!

Finally, Tristan turned to me.  "Centuries ago, both the tribes and the trogs were pushed into the desert by the expanding city-states of the south and the kingdoms of the north.  Their battle is against the desert.  Their allies are all who share in the battle.  Callan, these people have been trading with the trogs for centuries.  Over that time, a fairly sophisticated sign language has grown between the trogs and the tribes."

The tribesman who had tried to buy me spoke up.

"What did he say?"

"He apologies for attempting to purchase you."  A wicked grin creased Tristan's face, "Further, he hopes Lady Death will accept the services of their best translator as a token of their respect."

"Lady Death?  You're making that up, Tristan!"

"What else should they call the wife of the Hand of Death?"  There was a phrase which described the grin Tristan gave me.  My mother had assured me it was not something a proper princess would say.

"Could you at least pretend you're not enjoying this so much?"  I asked.  "Accept their generous offer and get this translator on board the Pauline.  We leave in ten minutes."

Tristan swept into a bow.  "As m'Lady commands!"

Ten minutes later, the translator directed us northeast.  We were one step closer to the trogs and to rescuing David! 

Meanwhile, what's been happening back in the tunnels under Beloren?  Find out in Chapter 64, coming Wednesday!