Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 61

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David and Martin make plans to become subterranean raiders!


Along with the implant-aided mental maps of the tunnels, we discovered the schedule the tunnel kingdom ran under.  King Rat had the place running like clockwork, which made planning our raids all the easier.

We stuck with simple military tactics and raided the kitchen first.  It doesn't matter how much people love or fear their leader, if they're hungry the leader is in for some serious control problems.

The kitchen staff's most important job was watching the kitchen slaves and beating the slaves if they didn't work hard enough to suit their masters.  Leaving Raoul to keep watch, Martin and I hit the kitchen dead center between dinner and breakfast.

"Get lost," the kitchen foreman sneered when we entered.  "No food until morning."

When I kept walking toward him, the foreman raised the wooden staff he used to beat the slaves and swung it at me.  I stepped inside the man's swing, caught his wrist and twisted.  As he cried out in pain, I took the staff from the his unresisting hand and broke it over his head.  Holding his head, the foreman dropped, moaning, to the floor.  Martin stepped to my side as the rest of the kitchen staff ordered the slaves to attack.


Adrenaline pouring through our systems, Martin and I brushed aside the half-hearted slave attacks, gently pushing them into a confused jumble.  The kitchen staff got the same treatment as the foreman.  Seconds later, we dropped Boost.

"Gather as much cooked food and fresh water as you can and come with us," I told the slaves.  "You're slaves no longer!"

As the former slaves gathered supplies, Martin and I locked the staff in a cellar, torched the remaining food, then retreated into the darkness.

The fall of King Rat had begun!

Will David's plan draw King Rat out where they can get to him?  And what is happening with Callan's search for trogs?  Find out more in Chapter 62, coming Friday!