Friday, July 19, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 59

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What can Callan want with trogs?


There was a moment of silence following my announcement.

"Lass," Tristan stretched the word out just a bit, "why do you want to find a trog settlement?"

"Martin's plan for buying David back didn't work," I said.  "We have to assume Martin is now a prisoner alongside David."

"You're probably right, my dear."  Tristan spoke slowly, as if trying to calm down an emotional woman.  Did he think I was about to get hysterical?  "But why trogs?"

"David won't escape from King Rat if he thinks it will lead to war," I said.  "If I want to see my husband again, I'm going to have go down there and get him.  I'm going to need warriors for that."

"All right." Tristan was still speaking slowly and it was getting on my nerves.  "There's a Mordanian naval squadron only a few miles from here.  Surely they'd be better at this than a bunch of trogs!"

"My oh my, Tristan, why ever did I not think of that?"  Tristan's eyebrows shot up at my tone.  If he thought I sounded sarcastic, he ought to hear my mother sometime!  "Yes, those airmen would be just perfect for the job!"

I stalked across the deck toward Tristan.  "If the job was to start a war with Beloren and her allied city-states!"

"Well...  Yes.  Um, I see your point!" Tristan said.

"Good."  I turned to Nist.  "Swing around the city and pass close enough to the squadron for them to identify us.  Fly my flag during the fly by so they'll know I'm on board.  I expect they'll follow us."

I looked at Tristan.  "If there are no other objections...?"

"No!  None here, lass."

I flashed my best good-girl smile.  "Then let's go find those trogs!"

Meanwhile, what has been happening in the tunnels beneath Beloren?  Find out in Chapter 60, coming Monday!