Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 58

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As Callan begins her search for a trog settlement, David and Martin ambush their guards!


Adrenaline flooded my system and guards' movements became slow and predictable.  Only Martin continued moving at what was to me normal speed.  We had no need to communicate or coordinate our actions.  For decades, the Scout Academy training had covered tandem fighting under Boost.  As long as each scout knew his role, coordination was assured.

My mission.  My plan.  My lead.

Surging past the man bringing our food, I flung him back among the guards.  My uppercut lifted the closest guard off his feet and loosened his grip on his sword.  I took his sword and blocked an attack from another guard.  Ducking a thrust from a third guard, I ran that guard through.  Then the second guard was back.  I pushed his wild swing aside and slashed his shoulder and sword arm.  His sword fell to the floor and I smashed him on the head with the pommel of my sword.

As the second guard staggered and fell, the first guard grabbed the fallen sword.  He made a diving lunge for my legs.  I skipped over the sword and kicked the guard in the head.  He sprawled on the floor, stunned, and I checked on Martin.  He was drawing his sword from the belly of the last guard standing.  In the sudden silence, I could hear the receding footsteps of the man who'd been carrying the tray.

We dropped Boost.

"Should we chase after the runner?" Martin asked.

"No.  Better King Rat hears of the fight from a frightened servant than an embarrassed guard," I said.  "Raoul, get up.  We're getting out of here."

"Let me grab a sword-" Raoul began.

"No!" I said.  "No sword until you prove we can trust you."

I grabbed the guards' lantern and we strode into the darkness!

As David leads his small party into the deep darkness of King Rat's domain, Callan leads her group in search of the human-hating trogs!  Find out what happens next in Chapter 59, coming Friday!