Monday, July 15, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 57

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As David and Martin begin their escape attempt, Callan has just completed hers!


Our pursuers ships spun around each other, both entangled in the other ship's rigging.  Chaos rippled out from them as other ships swerved to avoid getting caught up in the wreck.  City watch airships steamed to investigate, adding to the confusion.

"Woo hoo!" Milo yelled.  "Let's do that again!"

"Once was quite enough, young man," Tristan said.  "I'm sure that little stunt shaved weeks off my remaining days!"

"She asked for a daring escape plan," Nist said, "not a staid old man escape plan!"

"Never let it be said you don't give a girl what she asks for!" I said.  "I'll have to warn Kim about that when we get back home."

Nist's face turned red.  Daring pilot?  Yes.  Clueless lover?  Emphatically yes.  Kim was going to have to work hard to coax first moves out him.

We flew over the Beloren city walls and Nist asked, "What course should I set, Ma'am?"

"Nist, please stop calling me ma'am," I said.  "You're making me feel old!"

"I will try...Callan," Nist said.

"Better," I said.  "Tristan, how far is it to the nearest desert tribe camp?"

"The tribes are nomadic, lass," Tristan said.  "There are probably three or four tribes within a few hours flight.  There are signs, if you know what to look for."

"Please tell me you know what to look for," I implored.

"Oh, aye.  I'm not called the Desert Doctor for nothing, my dear," Tristan said.  "Are you planning to hide out with a tribe for a day or two?"

"No," I said, "I'm going to ask them for directions."

"It's a desert, Callan," Nist said.  "What are you going to ask directions to?"

With more confidence than I felt, I said, "The nearest trog settlement!"

What can Callan want with the trogs?  What's happening in King Rat's dungeon?  Find out more in Chapter 58, coming Wednesday!