Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 55

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As David tells Martin his plan, two airships are angling to intercept Callan and the crew of the Pauline!


Men waved flags on the decks of both of the airships trying to cut us off.  They must have been signals of some kind but what could they be saying?  Fly faster, me fine lads!  Probably not.  Dibs on the girl in the veil!  That thought sent a shiver down my spine, I can tell you!  I decided to stop thinking about the signals.

"Nist," I called, "are we going to get through before they cut us off?"

Nist eyed the closing airships for a second or two then shook his head.  "No, Your- um, I mean, no ma'am."

"You're my daring pilot, Nist," I said.  "So you've got a daring escape plan, don't you?"

"Of course he does," cried Tristan.  "After all, I taught him everything he knows!"

"We're all going to die!" cried Milo, flashing his impish grin.

Tristan struggled to keep a straight face.  I just laughed.

"I do have an idea," Nist said over my laughter.  "Everyone needs to hold on to something."

I caught one of the stays with one hand and said, "Aye aye, sir!"

"You'll want to use two hands, ma'am," Nist said, never taking his eyes from the other two airships.

I grabbed the stay with both hands and wrapped one leg around it for good measure.  Milo and Tristan had done the same.

Nist adjusted the ailerons braced himself, then shouted, "Now!"

He spun the wheel hard to port with one hand and worked the ailerons with the other.  The deck tilted up so sharply our keel brushed the rigging of one of our pursuers!  The crews of the two airships stared as we leveled off.  Too late, they remembered their courses.  Amid shouts and cries, the two ships crashed together.

Free of pursuit, we sped away from Beloren!

Where will Callan and the Pauline go?  And what are David and Martin planning?  Find out more in Chapter 56, coming Friday!