Monday, July 8, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 54

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As Callan flees Beloren, David and Martin are held prisoner by King Rat!


Six guards escorted Martin and me to the cell I shared with Raoul.  The two of us could have taken the six tunnel rats without too much trouble -- they'd never seen either of us Boost so would be counting on their swords and superior numbers -- but escape wasn't my plan.  It didn't appear to be Martin's immediate plan, either.

"I demand to be taken back to King Rat immediately!" Martin said to the guards.  "I arranged safe passage to meet with him and insist he honor that!"

"King Rat always honors his deals, raider," laughed one of the guards.  "You got safe passage to His Majesty and got to meet with him.  Your deal didn't say nothing about safe passage away from him!"

"That's outrageous!" sputtered Martin.  "I'm not some beggar to be treated as King Rat pleases!  I'm-"

"Going to get in that cell and shut up," the guard said, prodding Martin with the tip of his sword.

The cell door swung shut, blocking the guards' torch, and casting us into absolute darkness.  We could hear the guards laughing and mimicking Martin as they walked away.

"Well, that was an unexpected development," Martin said.  "Still, I suppose matters could be worse."

"Who's that?" Raoul said from the darkness.  "Rice?  Are you back?"

"Yes, Raoul, I'm still back."

"Raoul?" Martin said.

"Bane?  You came for me, too?" Raoul cried, his voice cracking.

"David, why does Raoul think I'm here to rescue him?"

"He's been down here a long time," I said.  "A month, maybe two.  I think the darkness and isolation have affected his perception of reality."

"Perfect," Martin said.  "Everyone knows you can't have a dungeon escape without a crazy prisoner.  What's your plan?"

"Plan isn't quite the right word for it.  It's more of a scheme..."

Meanwhile, what is happening with Callan and the Pauline?  Find out in Chapter 55, coming Wednesday!