Friday, July 5, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 53

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Meanwhile, back at the docks, King Rat's men pursue the airship Pauline!


"Nist," I called, "those airships are gaining on us.  Shouldn't we be faster than them?"

"We will be, once the boiler pressure is up," Nist responded.  "Milo, get below and feed the fire!"

As Milo scampered below, Nist turned the Pauline toward the center of the dock.  Dozens of other airships maneuvered across our path.  Our pursuers couldn't follow us into the traffic without slowing down!  Behind us, one airship swung starboard around the tangle of traffic and the other went to port.

Tristan approached, "Highness, Nist has bought us a little breathing space.  We need to use it to plan our course."

"Do we even have any choice?" I asked.  "The safest course would be to head for the Mordanian naval north of the city."

"That would be a safe course for us, Your Highness," Tristan said


"Is that the course a raider crew would choose?  Tristan said.  "Especially a crew the squadron had supposedly chased across the desert?"

"No, of course not," I replied.

I had been thinking like a princess when I needed to be thinking like a criminal!  What would a raider crew want to do?  That was simple -- they'd want to get away from the airships chasing them.

"Set whatever course Nist thinks is best for both escaping our pursuers and steering clear of the naval squadron," I said.

"Do you have any idea what we'll do after that?" Tristan asked.

"I have no idea," I replied.  "But I'm not going to have much else to do during our escape except make plans."

A few seconds later, we cleared the worst of the traffic and saw our pursuers closing on us from both sides.  Nist opened the throttle and we drove toward the narrowing gap between the airships!

The situation looks bad, as King Rat holds David and Martin prisoner and has Callan on the run!  What can our heroes do?  Find out in Chapter 54 coming Monday!