Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 52

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As thugs chase Callan and friends from the city, Martin faces King Rat!


King Rat waved his hand at me, "As you can see, he's unharmed.  Now, what is this about?"

"I want to buy him from you," Martin said.

"And why would I sell him?" King Rat asked.

"I've got half the Mordanian crown jewels," Martin said.  "Their yours in return for the lad."

"Ah," said King Rat, "That explains the naval squadron patrolling a few miles from the city!  An escort."

"Pursuit," Martin corrected.

Martin might not need my help, but he was going to get it anyway.  "You had it good in Mordan, Martin.  Why did you have to go and steal the crown jewels?"

"Good and boring, you mean," Martin retorted.  "You got the girl.  I got a pardon.  Hardly seems fair to me."

"So," King Rat interrupted, "you stole the jewels and flew out of the country with the royal navy in your wake.  I get that.  What I don't get is why you came to me?"

"I figure I can write my ticket if I come back with David," Martin said.  "I know Her Highness would trade the crown jewels to have him back.  I show up with him and I get a hero's welcome instead of a thieve's punishment.  Simple!"

"I've got a simpler answer," King Rat said.  A dozen armed men materialized out of the surrounding shadows.  "My men are already on their way to get the crown jewels from your ship.  No one will dare oppose me after I feed an exiled prince, a princess's consort, and a raider king to my new tammar!"

King Rat's harsh laughter echoed through the tunnels as Martin and I were taken to the cell I shared with Raoul!

Can things get much worse for our heroes?  Find out in Chapter 53, coming Friday!