Friday, June 28, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 50

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Raoul is also being held prisoner by King Rat!


"Rice?" Raoul asked, his voice rising in the darkness.  "Is it really you?"

"Of course not.  King Rat held David Rice sound-alike contest and I won," I said without inflection.

"Oh," Raoul replied, his voice dropping.  I could imagine his shoulders drooping.

"For God's sake, you moron, of course it's me!" I snapped.  "What's the matter with you?"

Raoul gave a shuddering sigh, "I've been down here for a long time and had given up hope that anyone would come to rescue me."

Rescue him?  I wouldn't cross the street to rescue Raoul, much less cross a desert!  "Have you forgotten the time you tried to have the airship captain kill me?  Or when you abandoned my friends and me to the tender mercies of the trogs?  Or-"

"Forget I said anything, Rice," Raoul snarled, sounding much more like his usual self.

"If only it were that easy," I said.  "But it doesn't matter.  I'm as much a guest here as you."

"So you got captured, too?" Raoul asked.  "I'm sure Callan is worried sick for her missing boyfriend."

"Husband," I corrected.

"What?  King Edwar chose a commoner over Rupor?" Raoul gasped.

"With half the Tartegian royal house conspiring against his daughter, what do you think?" I said.  That news was months old.  Raoul had been down here longer than I'd imagined.

We both fell quiet.  I pondered my options, mulled plans, and waited for something to happen.  According to my implant, twenty-two hours passed before I was summoned.

As I was led away, Raoul begged not to be left alone.  In spite of myself, I felt pity for him.  I forgot all of that when I entered the throne room.

Martin Bane stood before King Rat!

Martin's plan to get an audience with King Rat appears to have worked, but what is he going to do now?  Find out in Chapter 51, coming Monday!