Monday, June 24, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 48

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Terran scout David Rice, the newest member of the Mordanian royal family, is on his way back to Beloren to pay for the crime" of rescuing Princess Callan!


Twelve hours after we left Morda, the envoy's airship rejoined the vast fleet from the southern city-states.  It took three long, boring days for the fleet to cross the desert.

It did give my implant plenty of time to translate the language spoken in the city-states -- a fact I kept to myself.  Along with Boost -- which I hadn't used the first time I was in Beloren -- knowing the language was the only advantage I would have in the tunnels.

I ran through everything I knew about King Rat.  The only things I knew were what the envoy told us and what I had seen -- King Rat went in for over-the-top execution spectacles.  That last bit gave me some hope -- things like that had to be reserved for special occasions.  I was sure to be a special occasion all by myself, but probably as the main event rather than the only event.  That meant rat boy would need a few days to capture more victims and build excitement among the other rats to a fever pitch.

So, I'd have a few days to find a way to kill King Rat.  And I was going to have to kill him.  If I didn't, he'd just intimidate the lords of the city-states again and we'd be right back where we were now.  Maybe there would be some tunnel rat tradition I could call on and force him to fight me.  Maybe I could find an ambitious underling to help me.  Maybe I could do a lot of things, but I wouldn't know until I was underground.

When we docked, my hands were bound and I was taken straight to a tunnel entrance.  Without ceremony, they lowered me into the darkness!

What awaits David below the streets of Beloren?  Find out in Chapter 49, coming Wednesday!