Friday, June 21, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 47

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Queen Elaina offers her help to rescue David!


"You want to help?" I asked.  Of all the things my mother might offer, this was the last thing I'd expected!

"Why are you so surprised?" Mom asked.  "David is part of our family!"  The corners of Mom's mouth quirked up, "Besides, I'll get grandchildren all the sooner if you're, ah, enthusiastic about your husband."

"Rescue before reunion, okay?" I sighed. 

Who knew my mother had such a bawdy imagination?  Well, I suppose my father-.  There are some things a child shouldn't know about her parents.  I forced my mind back to the rescue.

"Martin, how can Mom help?"

"She could get the crown jewels for us," Martin suggested.

"Why, pray tell, do you need our crown jewels?" Mom asked.

"Everyone is waiting for me to revert to form," Martin said, "I thought I'd live down to expectations, use my new status to rob the treasury, and flee to Beloren.  The jewels will get me back in the good graces of Beloren's criminal class and maybe gain an audience with the Rat King."

"You'd ruin your reputation for David?" Mom asked.

"In a heartbeat," Martin said.

"David is a rather remarkable young man," Mom agreed.  "Would you be willing to have a naval squadron chase you south?  Call it a pursuit escort for Callan.  And they'd have an excuse to stay nearby."

Martin nodded and Mom turned to me, "Were you planning on taking Kim with you?"

"No, she's going to stay in these chambers and pretend I've shut myself away in the bedroom," I said.  "With luck, no one will know I'm even gone."

Mom nodded, "Kim and I will make sure of that."

Hours later, at midnight, Nist piloted the Pauline to my balcony.

Looking south, I said, "Hang on, David.  We're coming!"

Meanwhile, what's been happening to David?  Find out in Chapter 48!