Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 46

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Martin's plan to rescue David involves stealing the Mordanian crown jewels!


Someone knocked on the door before I could respond to Martin.

"Callie?" my mother called through the door.  "May I come in, dear?"

Mom had such great timing!  I shooed Martin, Tristan, and Milo out to the balcony, calling, "Just a minute, Mother!"

I only called her 'Mother' when I was upset.

"Keep quiet out here," I hissed to my conspirators, then closed the balcony doors.

On my way to let Mom in, I tousled my hair and worked up a few tears.  Planning the rescue had pushed my grief into the background, but it was all too easy to draw on.  Hanging my head, I opened the door.

"C-come in, Mother."

Mom breezed in and made a beeline for the balcony!  "It's so dreary in here, Callie!  A little light will make you feel better."

"I don't want light, Mother, and I don't want to feel better!"  I sounded petulant even to myself.

"Nonsense, dear," she said, reaching for the door handles.

In a rush, I slipped between Mom and the doors, threw my arms around her, and buried my face in her shoulder.  Mom spun us around so she had her back to the door.  Reaching back, she opened the balcony doors.

"Martin," Mom said, still watching me, "you and the others come inside while Callan tells me what's going on."

Releasing Mom, I said, "We're all going after David.  Except Kim.  She's going to stay in these chambers and pretend to be me long enough for us to get away."  I changed to my wheedling voice, "Please don't try to stop us!"

"Dearest daughter, you'd never forgive me if I stopped you -- and you'd be right!"  Mom smiled, "No, I'm here to ask a question."

"What?" I asked.

"How can I help?"

Does the queen plan on coming on the rescue?  Will she help snatch the crown jewels?  Find out in Chapter 47, coming Friday!