Monday, June 17, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 45

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Callan plans to rescue David and has enlisted the help of Martin, Tristan, Nist, and Milo!


The problem with secret rescue plans is you have to plan them.  I wanted to fly off after David now.  When we caught up, Martin would Boost, we'd storm aboard, and...probably all die.

I don't plan -- I react.  Rob did the planning in the past and I hoped David would in the future.  Today, I counted on Martin and Tristan.  They were thorough --  mind numbingly thorough.

"Milo," I asked, no longer able to concentrate on their discussion, "when will Kim be here?"

"Right after her etiquette lesson with Lady Andrea," he said.

"And you told her what I'm asking you to do?" I asked.

"Yes, Your Highness," he said, rolling his eyes.  "She knows you'll do your best to keep me safe, blah blah blah."  He grinned, "She's more worried about Nist than she is about me."

Nist's eyes went wide, "She is?"

"I told you he'd never figure it out," Tristan sighed.  "He's spent too much time on that airship and not enough around the fairer sex."

A complicated knock came from the door -- the signal Milo had given Kim.  Milo opened the door for his sister.  One glance at Nist told Kim everything.

Blushing, she whirled on her little brother, "You told him!"

"I'd have been an old man in my twenties if I waited for you two!" Milo said.

Martin elbowed Nist, "Why don't you and Kim go out on the balcony and talk for a while?"

The two of them went out.  Nist took her hand just before pulling the balcony door shut behind them.

"Remember when we robbed the treasury to pay for my airships?" Martin asked, returning to the plan.  When I nodded, he continued, "We need to rob it again -- but this time we need to steal the crown jewels!"

Is Martin returning to his raider ways or is there a real plans behind his idea?  Find out in Chapter 46, coming Wednesday!