Monday, June 10, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 42

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Our hero has agreed to return to Beloren to face politically-driven criminal charges!


In the wake of David's announcement, the envoy and my parents could do nothing but blink.  That meant I was the first to react.  So I punched David in the arm.

"Ouch!" he said.

"Next time you make such an announcement," I said, "remember to discuss it with your wife, first!"

"The day after we met, I swore an oath to protect you with my life," David said.  "Because you hold my oath, I believe Mordan holds my oath.  If I stand firm against the envoy's ludicrous claims-"

The envoy found his tongue, "Ludicrous?  Now just-"

"Shut.  Up!" I said.  "Ludicrous is too polite a word to describe your charges.  I was raised to behave like a lady, otherwise I'd use a string of single-syllable words instead.  They're far more appropriate!"

"Thousands will die if we go to war," David said to me.  "Parents will lose sons.  Women will lose husbands.  Children will lose fathers.

"In a war to defend the entire country, such losses are necessary.  In a war to defend a single man, such losses are," and here he gave me his infuriating, irresistible smile, "a string of single-syllable words inappropriate for a lady to use."

"David," my father said, "you need not do this.  To a man, the military will defend you,.  They'll want to defend you."

"I know," David said, "but I cannot allow such sacrifices.  I have no doubt our navy would rout the city-states' fleet, but it would weaken us when tensions are high with Tarteg."

David turned to the envoy, "We will depart tomorrow morning, Envoy.  I would spend the remaining time with my wife."

Then David took my hand and led me back to our chambers for our final hours together.

Can our hero escape the doom he has given his word to accept?  Find out more in Chapter 43, coming Wednesday!