Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 40

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An envoy from the city-state of Beloren has denounced our hero as a criminal and requested his extradition!


My heart raced and my chest constricted as the envoy's words registered.  I reached for David's hand.  His calm strength flowed into me.  My heartbeat slowed and I could breathe again.

"I believe your accusation to be baseless," my father said.

Daddy always was diplomatic.  I thought he should tell the envoy to stuff it and throw him out of the palace.

The envoy turned his eyes upon David and me.  "I understand your reluctance to accept the truth, but the facts speak for themselves."

"We have a busy schedule today, Envoy," Daddy said.  "If you have facts, present them now."

"Numerous witnesses saw David Rice initiate attacks against Beloren citizens," the envoy said.  "Further, he loosed a dangerous beast -- a tammar -- within the city walls.  The resulting panic ignited a fire which destroyed half of the city!"

"Only half?" I said.  "How disappointing."

The envoy's voice rose but his tone remained mild, as if this was nothing more than a performance. "You jest over death and destruction on a massive scale!  King Edwar, I would have thought your heir would have learned tact by now."

Daddy rose to his feet and glared down at the envoy, "Those Beloren citizens you espouse attempted to feed my daughter to that tammar, a point you conveniently ignore.  Without David's 'unprovoked attack,' my daughter would be dead.

"I strongly suggest you scurry back to your city-state before I lose my temper," Daddy thundered.  "Should that happen, you will think my daughter a model of tact and decorum in comparison!"

"There is one last detail I must mention, Your Majesty," the envoy smiled thinly.  "If I do not return with Captain Rice in custody, the fleet off your southern border will immediately attack Mordan!"

How can our hero's actions in Beloren be worth the cost of a war to the city-states?  Find out in Chapter 41, coming Friday!