Monday, June 3, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 39

Author's note: The journal of David Rice came to your humble author through a warp in space and time.  Yesterday, the warp opened again, this time delivering the diary of Princess Callan.  While this adventure begins from David's point of view, much of the story will be presented from Her Highness's point of view.
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Our hero, newly married to Princess Callan, forges a new life for himself.

The weeks passed in a blur.  During the day, I learned about the myriad of duties expected of the consort to Her Highness, Princess Callan.  At night, well, let's just say I learned other things.  It was a happy, busy, Boost-free life.

Then harsh reality intruded.  Callan and I had a rare morning without appointments.  We'd given the servants the morning off, slept late, and had recently arisen when a knock at the door.  Callan threw on a robe and padded to the door.

A page bowed, "I beg pardon, Your Highness.  His Majesty summons you and Captain Rice to his council chambers."

"Thank you, Michael," she said.  "Please tell His Majesty we'll join him shortly."

Other pages must have been sent to alert our servants, as they arrived as Michael departed.  To my surprise, we were dressed in formal court clothing rather than far less elaborate daily clothing.  Callan's ladies in waiting spent an hour fussing with her hair and make-up before declaring us fit for court.

"What's this about, Father?" Callan asked when we were alone with her parents.

"An envoy from the city-state of Beloren has arrived and requested an audience," the king replied.  "He specifically requested the presence of the two of you."

Callan took my hand, "What does he want?"

"I don't know," her father replied, "but he was escorted across the desert by two hundred airships representing all twenty-seven of the southern city-states.  They await him just south of our border."

We were announced to a formal court session and the envoy presented.

"Thank you for acceding to my request with such alacrity, Your Majesty," the envoy bowed deeply.  "I come before you seeking justice!  We request the extradition of that heinous criminal David Rice!"

Does Beloren still blame our hero for its destruction?  Find out in Chapter 40, coming Wednesday!