Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 37

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Our hero gets to marry the beautiful princess!

Callan ran to hug her father.  "Oh, thank you, Daddy!  It wouldn't have been the same if I married David without your blessing!"

The king's eyebrows arched and the queen said, "But you'd still have married David, wouldn't you?"

"Of course, Mom," Callan said.  "Did you even have to ask?"

King Edwar clasped my hand, "Congratulations, David.  I hope you can find a way to keep Callie under control."

In unison, Callan and Queen Elaina turned to face us, crossed their arms, and arched their left eyebrows.

"As long as she and I are headed in the same general direction, I expect we'll be fine," I said.

"You picked a smart young man, Callie.  I'm happy for you," Queen Elaina said.  "But now we have a less pleasant task.  Edwar, Callie, we must explain the situation to Rupor."

When the royal family entered the cabin, Martin came out.  "From the look on Callan's face -- and yours, for that matter -- congratulations are in order."

"Many thanks, Martin," I said.  "How do you think Rupor will take the news?"

"I'd say he already suspects," Martin said.  "He'll be polite, but he's never going to like it -- or you."

Ten minutes later, Rupor emerged and offered coldly polite congratulations to me.  With that formality out of the way, he added, "I had great plans for Tarteg and Mordan -- plans you have ruined!"

"I ruined nothing, Rupor," I replied.  "Without the plotting of your step mother, Callan would never have been in the desert for me to rescue.  And don't try blaming Martin, either.  He only did what she hired him to do."

Rupor didn't argue, but his eyes spoke for him.  I added Rupor to my growing list of enemies.

Now our hero has two Tartegian princes as enemies.  What problems could come of that?  Find out more in Chapter 38, coming Friday!