Monday, May 27, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 36

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Callan has asked her parents to give their blessing to her proposed marriage to our hero!

King Edwar didn't offer an answer.  I could feel Callan tensing as her question hung in the air.

"Edwar," Queen Elaina said, "that question is traditionally answered by the father."

"Hm?  Oh, right," Edwar replied.  "I have some questions to ask, first."

I guess my answers to his earlier questions hadn't been sufficient.

"What is your opinion of Prince Rupor?" the king asked me.

That question was unexpected!

"Rupor's charming if he wants," I said, "and arrogant if it suits.  I'd trust him to have my back in a fight but wouldn't want him to marry my sister."

"You have a sister?" Callan asked.

"Yeah.  You two would get along great," I said.

"That's a fair assessment," King Edwar said, "and I don't want him to marry my daughter."  Callan clapped her hands together in excitement.  "But I still wonder what you would bring to the marriage, young man.  You're brave, capable, and willing to die for Callan.  But so are all of our royal guards.  What makes you worthy of Callan?"

Exasperated, Callan dropped formality, "Daddy, I say he's worthy!  Isn't that enough?"

I spoke before the king could reply, "That depends on whether the emergency message from my spaceship was delivered.  If it wasn't, you already know what I'll bring to the marriage.  If it was, I can give her the stars."

"That's quite an offer," the king mused.  "And I suppose Callan couldn't be safer than if her ablest guard was sleeping with her."

"Oh my," Queen Elaina said, "Callie's blushing!"

"Why-?" the king began.  "Oh, blast, I didn't mean that!  Though if they're going to be married-"

"Daddy," Callan interrupted, her cheeks still red, "does that mean yes?"

King Edwar smiled, "Yes, it does."

Our hero gets the girl!  But will they live happily ever after?  Get your first hints in Chapter 37, coming Wednesday!