Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 34

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Nist lies at our hero's feet, a quarrel between his should blades, as the Pauline flies to safety.

The flaming airship dwindled, screams floating across the distance along with the twang of taut lines snapping.  The airship began dropping as the crew raced to land the ship before they burned to death or the hull broke free from the gas envelope and plummeted to the ground.

Free from pursuit and out of range of the other airship's weapons, I released the controls and ran to the cabin.  Tristan was tending to the soldier with a leg wound, Rupor and Callan helping.  A blanket covered the body of the guard hit in the chest.

Callan's eyes lit when she saw me, but my words weren't directed to her.  "Tristan, Nist and Martin were hit!  You should check Nist before we move him."

The color drained from Tristan's face as he scrambled to his feet.  "Princess, keep pressure on the wound."

The unwounded soldiers followed, one carrying a lantern from the cabin.  Moments later, a less pale Tristan had the soldiers carry Nist below, then turned his attention to Martin.

"You'll live," Tristan pronounced, then started back to the cabin.  "I'll call when I have time to work on you."

"Great bedside manner he's got," Martin said.

"I don't know," I replied, taking the helm again, "he was quite solicitous with Milo's sister.  Of course, she is a lot prettier than you."

Martin's lips quirked up in a smile, "That settles it.  In my next life, I'm going to be a pretty young woman."

Light spilled from the cabin as the king and queen came on deck and headed our way.  The two healthy soldiers followed.

"Help Mr. Bane below and stay with him," the king told the soldiers.  To me, he continued, "We have much to discuss."

What can the king and queen wish to say?  Is our hero's future with Princess Callan in peril?  Find out in Chapter 35, coming Friday!