Monday, May 13, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 30

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Our hero has to get off the castle wall before Stubb's airship joins the chase!

The roar of the airship's engines deepened and I could detect movement in the castle courtyard.  Ponderously, Stubb's airship emerged from the shadows and into the moonlight.

"You can't get away with it, Rice," Rupor called, as he chased us across the wall.  "The airship will cut you off before you reach the other tower."

"Drop the act, Rupor!" I called back, picking up speed in the hopes of proving him wrong.  "You and I both know you're the one trying to get away with kidnapping!"

"Why would I kidnap my future parents-in-law?" Rupor said.

"So you could rescue them, putting yourself in a good light when the actions of your step-mother and Raoul come to light!" I replied.

"You're not making sense, Rice!" Rupor yelled over the growing engine noise.

As when I'd mentioned Windslow's name, confusion was evident in Rupor's voice.  Perhaps he wasn't involved.

The queen slowed, resisting my pull, "He's right, David.  You're not making sense.  Why not stop running and explain it to us?"

"That might work out for you," I said, "but Raoul or Windslow would make sure it was fatal for me!"

Stubb's airship swung up over the castle wall, just over a hundred feet behind us.  It bore down on us, already flying twice as fast as we could run.  Raoul was perched at the bow of the ship, pointing at me with his sword and directing the airship's crossbowmen.

Our eyes locked over the distance and a grin stretched over Raoul's face.  "It's the end of the line, bodyguard.  Prepare to die!"

How can our hero hope to escape the vengeful Prince Raoul and the crossbowmen under his command?  Find out in Chapter 31, coming Wednesday!