Friday, May 10, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 29

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Our hero prepares to fight to the death for the queen!

The door rattled from another blow.

"Would you mind being a bit more practical and little less heroic, David?" the queen asked.

"Uh, sure," I replied.

"Good.  Come over here with me, next to the door hinges," she said.  "When the door swings open, it will cover us.  The men may run for the stairs, giving us a chance to run out the door."

I joined her as the door shook again.  "And if they don't?"

"Either you'll die heroically or I'll choose to surrender," the queen said.  "Whatever I decide, you will obey my commands."

"As you say, Your Majesty."

Another blow struck the door.  The knife was holding better than I'd hoped, but now I needed the door to swing open.  I wrenched the knife from under the door, standing up just ahead of the next blow.  The door jamb broke and the door swung open, hiding the queen and me.

Footsteps pounded toward the stairs.  We waited for the men to reach the far wall before slipping around the door and out onto the wall -- just like the heroes in the adventure vids from my childhood!  Behind us, one of Rupor's men raised the alarm.

"Sir, they're behind us!"

And the chase was on again, with Rupor and his men trailing us by no more than thirty feet.  I pulled the queen along with one hand and sheathed my sword with the other.  I expected to need a free hand for a door before I needed the sword again.

From the Aerie courtyard, I heard the roar of engines -- Stubb's airship joining the chase.  If we didn't get off the wall, we'd be easy targets for Stubb's airborne crossbowmen!

Can our hero and the queen get off the castle wall before coming under fire from Stubb's airship?  Find out in Chapter 30, coming Monday!