Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 28

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The Pauline has flown off, leaving our hero and the queen!

Hearing the door below us crash open, I asked, "Can you run, Your Majesty?  I need to keep my sword arm free."

"Yes, I can," the queen answered.  As I swung her to her feet, she continued, "You said your name was David, did you not?"

"Yes, ma'am."  I took her hand and began running along the wall toward the next tower.

"That little airship you were watching -- Callie and Edwar are aboard?  It was our way out of here?"

"Only if we reached it before Rupor and Raoul arrived," I said.  "Otherwise, my orders were to leave us."

"Why would you give such orders?"

Shouts erupted behind us as Rupor's men spotted us.

"A kingdom requires a monarch and an heir," I said, running faster.  "That airship carries both."

"You're a very practical man, David," the queen said as we reached the tower door.

To my relief, it opened, but there was no way to bar the door.  Drawing my knife, I jammed it under the door.  It would slow our pursuers.

The tower had stairs, but they only went up.  That was out.  We'd be easy targets for airborne crossbowmen at the top of the tower.  Worse, there was no other door out of the tower.

"I'm afraid this is where I must make my stand, Your Majesty," I said.

"After watching you fight, I have full confidence in you," the queen said.

I sighed.  Boost was our only hope -- and likely my death sentence.  "You must run from the tower as soon as I clear a path for you."

"And what of you?" she asked.

"I'll be dead."

The tower door shook from a sharp blow.  I raised my sword and prepared for one last fight.

Will this fight be one Boost too many for our hero?  Find out in Chapter 29, coming Friday!