Monday, May 6, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 27

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Blocked by a stuck door, our hero is about to be caught by Rupor and Raoul!

The queen was limp over my shoulder and no longer beat on my back.  Maybe she'd decided to trust me.  Maybe she'd been overcome by stress.  I hoped for the former.

Seeing my struggles with the door, Rupor and his men slowed to a walk.  "You can't escape, Rice.  Return Her Majesty to me safely and I'll make sure you get a fair trial."

"The queen has already spotted Windslow," I said.  "It wasn't very smart bringing him with you.  In fairness, I doubt you were expecting her to be out of her cell."

"Windslow?" Rupor asked, his brow drawing down.  "Who is Windslow?"

"Ask Raoul," I said.

While bantering with Rupor, I'd considered my options.  There was but one option and it wasn't a good one.  If the Exploration Corps ever found me, I was going to be quite the case study on the effects of Boost.  At least I'd Boosted for half a minute earlier.


I spun and kicked the stuck door.  The latch held firm, but the hinge side of the door moved an inch.  Giving thanks for rusting iron, I gave the door another spin kick.  The door pushed open a couple of feet.  Releasing Boost, I ran through the door.

"After them!" Rupor shouted.  "Raoul, get back to the airship and get it aloft!  Maybe it can block their escape."

Beyond the door, I found just what I needed.  I sprinted up the stairs, hoping the next door opened on the first try.  With the squeal of rusted hinges, it did.

The top of the wall stretched out before me, bathed in moonlight.  Silhouetted against the moon, I spied the Pauline flying away.

The queen and I were trapped in the Aerie!

How can our hero hope to escape with his only way off the Aerie gone?  Find out in Chapter 28, coming Wednesday!