Friday, May 3, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 26

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Rupor, Raoul, and company are coming to the 'aid' of the queen!

I was staging one heck of a rescue.  The queen's suspicions had been aroused when I told her Martin was on our side.  Imagine if I tried to convince her that Rupor and Raoul weren't the heroes she thought they were?

Boots pounded closer to our passageway.  Explanations would have to wait -- it would take Callan to convince the queen I was the good guy, anyway.  Right now, we needed to run.

I grabbed the queen and threw her over my shoulder.  Or I tried.  The queen stiffened, refusing to bend over my shoulder.  I couldn't outrun anyone like this!  I lifted the queen's legs, holding her like a wooden board.  It was still awkward, but I could run.

The queen beat and scratched at my back, calling, "Help me!  A raider has me!"

Our pursuers rounded the corner just in time to see me turn into a side hall.

"There he is!" Rupor yelled.  "Save the queen, men!"

Rupor didn't sound believable to me, but the queen kept shouting.

"Quiet, Your Majesty!" I said.  "They aren't the friends you think they are!"

"Foolish man, Rupor is my daughter's betrothed!"

"He wishes!" I said.  "Look at our pursuers, Majesty.  Do you see an older man with wild, gray hair?"

"Yes.  So?"

"Don't you recognize him?"

"I don't-"  The queen gasped, "Windslow?"

"Yes," I said.  "Strange company the princes are keeping, don't you think?"

I took the first side passage I'd seen.  It ended in a door.

"I don't know what to think!" the queen said.

"Trust me," I said.  "Callan does."

Rupor and company charged into the side passage as I reached the door.  Hoping to find stairs, I turned the knob and pushed.  The door was stuck fast!

Our hero can't go forward or backward and is trying to help a queen who may not trust him!  Can our hero hope to get out this situation?  Find out in Chapter 27, coming Monday!