Monday, April 29, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 24

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Three men stand between our hero and the queen!

One man closed on the queen, his sword raised.  In the old adventure vids my father and I used to watch, there'd have been a chandelier I could use to swing over my enemies.  I didn't even have a dagger to throw.  So I threw what I did have.

My sword flashed in the torchlight before burying itself in the man.  His back arched and a hand scrabbled, trying to reach the sword.  While the other men gaped, I hopped from the table and grabbed a chair.

The leader was turning back toward me when I smashed the chair over his head.  The chair splintered and the leader reeled.  I was left holding two pieces of the chair back as I charged the nearest man.

The man slashed at my neck.  I blocked with one piece of the chair then smashed his wrist with the other.  Bones snapped and the man's sword fell from his hand.  Spinning, I cracked him across the head and kept moving.

I hurled one piece of chair at the third man, then the second piece.  That drove him back long enough for me to reach the man still flailing to reach the sword in his back.  I rammed the blade through him to the hilt.

Yanking the blade out, I turned to face the man I'd driven back with thrown chair pieces.  His eyes wide in terror, the man dropped his sword.

"I surrender!"

"Smart man," I said.

I clouted him on the head with my sword pommel then dropped Boost.

As I cut the queen free, she asked, "You're Callie's guard?  She's safe?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," I said.  "She's nearby, with her father.  And we need to join them before a raider airship arrives!"

Can our hero escape with the queen before the raider airship arrives?  Find out in Chapter 25, coming Wednesday!