Friday, April 26, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 23

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Our stands ready right for the life of the queen!

The queen gasped and the six men laughed.

"Looks like the Spare Prince screwed up, as the boss expected," the leader said to his men.  "Now, do him a favor and kill this idiot."

Smiling and raising their swords, four men started forward.  The man with the slashed arm wrapped it with a cloth, stanching the blood.  He and the leader followed the others.  As expected, there was only one way I was getting out of this alive.


I charged the front four.  Surprised, they all took defensive stances.  One of them left his sword low and I attacked him.  I slashed high, forcing his blade up, then attacked low.  Before he registered the move, I drove my sword into his gut.  Withdrawing my blade, I threw him at the man to my right.  They went down in a tangle and I kept moving.

Slashed-arm made a neat move and caught me in a bind.  I rammed my knee into his groin then, as he doubled over, broke the bind and cut his sword arm to the bone.  His sword fell to the floor, with him close behind it.

I leapt onto the table and spun to face the room.  Two men were already out of the fight.  The other four looked stunned at the speed of it all.  The smiles were gone, replaced by anger.  And fear.

"You're quick and good with that sword, boy," the leader said, "but you're not real smart.  Seems to me you're way over here and the queen is way over there.  Lon," he said over his shoulder, "go to the queen.  Kill her if this boy doesn't throw down his sword!"

Will our hero have to surrender to save the queen?  Find out in Chapter 24, coming Monday!