Monday, April 22, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 21

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Martin reports the queen's captors have vile plans for her!

A fist hit Martin on the side of the head and he reeled against the wall.  King Edwar followed with a punch to Martin's stomach.  As Martin doubled over, I caught the king's raised fist.

"The situation is not as you think, Your Majesty," I said.

"I know all I need to know," King Edwar snarled.

Callan placed her hand on his arm, "No, you don't, and we don't have time for explanations.  Martin is here to help us!"

"Martin?" King Edwar asked.  "You call this scum by his given name?"

"I call him friend," Callan replied.

Martin straightened, wincing, "Horst told me the men are bored.  They're gambling for first dibs on the queen!"

The color drained from the faces of Callan and her father.

"Any idea where they've taken her?" I asked.

"Horst didn't want to have to listen, so he sent them to the far end of that side passage," Martin said, pointing back the way we'd come.

Callan started toward the passage, the king on her heels.

"Stop, Callan," I said.  "I'll get your mother.  You and your father must go to the airship."

"I'm not going to run to safety while my mother is in danger!"

"Yes, you are," I said.  "The kingdom comes first.  That means ensuring the safety of the king and his heir!"


"I'll rescue her, Callan."

"And I'll help," Martin said.  "With two scouts-"

"No, Martin," I said.  "You're the only person I can trust to leave us behind, if necessary."

Martin nodded and Callan kissed me.  "Be careful, David."

The king's eyebrows shot up at the kiss, but he said nothing as they headed down the hallway.  I took the side passage and set off to find the queen!

Will our hero reach the queen in time?  Find out in Chapter 22, coming Wednesday!