Friday, April 19, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 20

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Callan has an idea for approaching the guard at the end of the hall.  An idea our hero hates!

Martin, Callan, and I rounded the corner into the long hallway.  Martin walked ahead of us, his stride full of purpose and confidence.  I held Callan's arm and walked a bit ahead of her, as if I was pulling her along.  Callan held her hands behind her back as if they were tied.

We were gambling that the guard would recognize Martin or at least know him by reputation.  With the other airship bearing down on us and no time to spare, we were trying Callan's idea.

When the guard noticed us, Martin raised his hand in greeting.

"We've got an extra guest for you!" he called.

"Bane?  What are you doing here?" the guard called.

"Horst, good to see a familiar face!" Bane said.  "After my contract ended, your employer made me an offer."  He motioned back to Callan.  "Wanted the full royal set, I guess."

A face peered through the bars in the door behind the guard.

"Callan?" cried a man's voice.  "Not you, too!"  The eyes shifted to Martin.  "If anything happens to her, Bane, I'll-"

"You'll what?  Take a firm tone with me?" Martin sneered.  He turned to the guard, "Give my lad the key and walk with me for a moment.  I've got new instructions."

Horst handed me the keys and walked down the hall with Martin.

"Young man," the king whispered, "help us escape and I'll pay you handsomely!"

Unlocking the door, I whispered, "That's what I'm here to do, Your Majesty."

A thud sounded behind us.  Martin knocking out the guard.

Callan rushed into the cell and hugged her father.  The queen was not with him.

Martin returned and whispered, "We've got to hurry.  Horst told me the other guards have vile plans for the queen!"

Where is the queen?  Can our hero reach her in time?  Find out in Chapter 21, coming Monday!