Friday, April 12, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 17

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Our heroes hope they are on their way to rescue the king and queen of Mordan!

Nist flew faster than I would have thought possible.  The five man squad took turns feeding the fire, keeping the boiler pressure up and a tail wind added to our speed.  Martin navigated, using wind charts to plot the fastest course.

Tristan, Callan, and I studied an old floor plan for the Aerie which Garrett had found in his library.  I could see three areas in the old fortress where prisoners might be kept.  We'd have to hope for some sign to identify the right one, otherwise we'd have to scout for the king and queen.

When the three of us took a break, Callan said, "Milo's sister looked much better than when I saw her last.  Is she healing well?"

"That she is, lass!" Tristan said.  "Excuse me -- Your Highness."

"It's just the three of us, Tristan.  Don't be so formal," Callan said.

"As you command, lass!" Tristan said.  "Kim's wound is healing and her spirits are high because of all the attention she's been receiving."

"Milo's been taking good care of her?" I asked.

"Oh, yes," Tristan said, "but I was speaking of Martin."

"Martin?  As in Bane?" I asked, astonished.

"He seems quite taken with her," Tristan said.

Conversation waxed and waned as the little airship sped toward the Aerie.  One of the men served dinner as the sun sank below the horizon.  We were lounging, struggling against boredom, when Martin called us up on deck.  The ship had descended to about fifty feet above tree level.  A full moon bathed the night in soft, silver light.

Martin motioned us to the port rail and pointed.  "Stubb's airship is over there, five or six miles off.  We've caught up with them!"

The race is on!  Will our heroes reach the Aerie ahead of Rupor, Raoul, and Windslow?  Will they find the king and queen?  Will there be enough time to rescue them if they are found?  Find out in Chapter 18, coming Monday!