Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 16

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Callan has announced she's going on the mission to rescue her parents!

"You're going to do what?" Martin asked.

"She says she's going with us," I said.

"And you don't have anything to say about that?" he asked.

"I admit I share Bane's curiosity," Garret said.

Callan crossed her arms, "Choose your words carefully, darling."

"Callan has a good point.  A familiar face will help with her parents," I said.  Turning to Callan, I added, "But you have got to follow orders or it could get someone killed.  Will you swear to do as you're told?"

"Swear, David?" Callan's voice went flat.

"Would you accept a man into your service if he said he'd guard you with his life but wouldn't swear an oath to that effect?"  I asked.

Callan shook her head and sighed.  "On my honor as the princess of Mordan, I swear to obey your orders on this rescue mission."

"Incredible!" Garrett said to Callan.  "Who are you and what have you done with my willful niece?"

"If she has enough close brushes with death, uncle, even a princess changes," Callan said.

I wrapped my arms around Callan and kissed her.  "Thank you, my dear. Now, let's gather supplies and get going."

It didn't take us long to get ready.  Garrett placed the five-man squad under my command and ensured the Pauline was well supplied.  Light-weight camouflage netting was spread over the little ship's envelope, making it more difficult to spot from above.

As the mooring lines were cast off, Garrett said, "Bring her back safely to us, David."

Then the Pauline was free and rising rapidly into the late morning sky.  We were on our way to rescue the king and queen!

Will our heroes reach the Aerie before Ruper, Raoul, and Windslow?  Find out in Chapter 17, coming Friday!