Monday, April 8, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 15

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Garrett thinks he knows where the king and queen of Mordan are being held!

"Hold it," I said.  "Raoul and Windslow couldn't have kidnapped the king and queen.  Raoul was with us and Windslow was leading the trogs.  Why would they know where Callan's parents are being held?"

"Deductive reasoning, probably by Windslow," Martin said.  "Thinking isn't one of Raoul's strengths."

"But how could Windslow figure it out?" I asked.  "He's been living with the trogs."

"The Aerie was Windslow's first post," Garrett said.  "The fortress guarded the only mountain pass from Tarteg to Mordan.  When airships came along, the fortress became obsolete.  Who needs a mountain pass when you can fly over the mountains?  My father closed the place when I was quite young, but my personal guard told me about it."

"Windslow?" Callan asked.

Garrett nodded.  "The Aerie is abandoned, hard to reach without an airship, and well fortified.  Perfect for hiding royal hostages.  It's too bad Windslow will get there first."

"Maybe not," Martin said.  "They'll have to repair the port engine or limp along at half speed.  Either way, a small, fast ship like the Pauline might get there before them if it ran at full speed."

I explained the situation to Tristan and he agreed to let us borrow his airship again.  "But you must take me, too.  Their majesties may need medical care."

I agreed, adding Tristan to our team of Nist, Martin, five of Garrett's men, and me.  Garrett volunteered, also, but Callan refused.

"You must to go to Morda and assume the regency," she said.

"But the only person  in the rescue party who is known to your parents is your kidnapper!" he protested.  "They won't trust any of them."

"I know, uncle," Callan said.  "That's why I'm going with them!"

What will our hero have to say to Callan's announcement?  Find out in Chapter 16, coming Wednesday!