Friday, April 5, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 14

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Windslow knocked Martin Bane over the airship railing!

"I was saved from a long fall by the Beloren flag Stubb flies from the stern," Martin said.  "Catching the flagpole, I swung around it and back to the balcony.  I crashed into Windslow, knocking him back into Raoul.  I would have finished them off except a bunch of airmen piled into the cabin.

"Even Boosted, I didn't like the odds.  I jumped from the balcony, pulling myself onto the main deck.  My ship had pulled away, but was circling, waiting for me.  The port ballista crew was watching the battle, waiting for a chance to fire.  I charged, knocking two of them overboard.  The remaining crewman ran.  I blew their port propeller away then jumped to my ship.

"Stubb's crew got off one good ballista shot, though.  Nearly destroyed our steam engine," Martin wrapped up.  "We limped here for repairs and received a fine welcome, indeed!"

"Martin!" Callan warned.

Martin raised his hands in acquiescence, then said, "There's a bit more.  I think Raoul and Windslow are looking for the king and queen, also.  And they're going somewhere in particular."

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Stubb had a chart laid out in his cabin," Martin replied.  "My implant recorded the image.  If Lord Garrett has charts for the mountains northwest of here, I can show you where they're going."

Moments later, Martin selected a chart from those Garrett had ordered brought to us.  Martin's finger pointed into the mountains.  "Here.  Stubb's chart had a mark right here."

Garrett leaned closer, "Of course!  I can't believe it didn't occur to me!"

"What didn't occur to you, uncle?" Callan asked.

"The Aerie, an abandoned mountain fortress," Garrett said.  "Your parents must be there!"

Could the king and queen be in the Aerie?  If so, who is responsible for holding them there?  Find out more in Chapter 15, coming Monday!