Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 13

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On board Martin's ship, Raoul attacks Milo!

"Who's Milo?" Garrett asked.

"A thirteen year-old boy who saved my life in Faroon," Callan answered.

"Not very noble of Raoul to attack such a young lad," Garrett growled.

"Tried to attack, is more like it," Martin said.  "His leg buckled before he could reach Milo.  Probably the stab wound you gave him, Highness."

"Milo darted below deck and Raoul hobbled after him.  With all the attention on Raoul, I elbowed Stubb in the stomach and ran after the prince," Martin said.  "Raoul chased Milo into the surgery.  When Tal and Sorn defended the boy, Raoul stabbed them both.  The prince was about to attack Tristan, who was shielding Milo, when I tackled Raoul from behind.

"I put a dagger at Raoul's throat just as Rupor reached the door.  He was backed by a couple of crossbowmen, so we had a bit of a stand off.  Raoul made a good bargaining chip," Martin continued.  "I had Stubb pull his men back to his ship.  Then I promised to release Raoul.  In return, Stubb promised to leave in peace once Raoul.  Stubb, encouraged by Raoul, broke his word and attacked after our airships separated.

"My men weren't prepared for battle, so I took a page from your playbook, David.  I Boosted and jumped across to Stubb's ship."  Martin smiled, "It's fun to be the dashing hero, even if there isn't a beautiful princess to rescue!  I ran Stubb through, slashed two crossbowmen, and then had a clear run at Raoul.

"I chased the coward to the captain's cabin, ready to kill him right there.  Only, I'd forgotten about Windslow.  He hit me in the head with a belaying pin and shoved me over the rail of the captain's balcony!"

How can Martin survive?  Find out in Chapter 14, coming Friday!