Monday, April 1, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 12

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Martin Bane's airship was attacked by Prince Raoul and the renegade Ardhan Windslow!

"Remember the two airships I left in Faroon?" Bane asked.  "Windslow and Raoul subverted one of them."

"A raider who doesn't stay bought?" Garrett sneered.  "I'm Shocked!"

"Should they imitate your royal commanders?" Martin shot back.  "Like the western squadron captains, paid to watch while a Tartegian fleet attacked?  Or Windslow, himself -- former captain of the royal guard paid to kidnap Her Highness?"

"Stop it!" Callan commanded.  "Uncle, you will stifle your opinions and work with Martin.  If you can't, I'll replace you with someone who can."

Callan glared until Garrett nodded.

"Martin," she whirled to face him, "you were a raider for fifteen years.  It's going to take time to convince people you've changed.  Deal with it!"

"As you command, Highness," Martin said.

"Continue with your report, Martin."

"Captain Stubb's, of the Kestrel, and his crew had us at sword point before we could react," Martin said.  "That's when Windslow and Raoul showed themselves.  They wanted Rupor -- and all the loot we had onboard."

"Wait," Callan said, "how did they know you had Rupor?"

"They got it from the airship I left at the rendezvous south of Morda," Martin said.  "I had the captain pass along most of David's plan so the trailing ships.  In retrospect, that might not have been my best idea."

Garrett opened his mouth -- probably to offer some cutting remark -- but he glanced at Callan and reconsidered.

"I told Stubbs where to find Rupor, and it looked like we were going to get out of the situation without a fight," Martin continued.  "Then Milo came on deck, sent by Tristan to see what was happening.  When Raoul saw Milo, he went crazy!  Raoul drew his sword and attacked Milo!"

How does Milo manage to survive?  Find out in Chapter 13, coming Wednesday!