Friday, March 22, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 8

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One of the kidnappers holds Lord Garrett at sword point!

Sword in my left hand, I spread my arms wide.  Taking a knee, I laid the sword down.  With all eyes on the sword, I grabbed a rock with my right hand.  Sidearm, I hurled the rock at the sentry, hitting him on the head.  He stumbled back, cursing in pain.

Grabbed my sword, I was on the sentry in an instant!  I knocked his sword away, placed my sword against his throat, and dropped Boost.

"Stay back or I'll kill him!" I snapped.  The men stopped, stunned at the sudden reversal.  "Lord Garret, please get going."

Rising, Garrett asked, "Who are you?"

"Personal bodyguard to Princess Callan," I said.  "She's waiting for you, too."

Garrett stared a second longer then started running.

"What now, gentlemen?" I asked.

The men exchanged puzzled looks.

"I'm can't waste more time on you," I said.  "There's a back way out, if you'll take it."

"You're not going to execute us?"

"I'm tired of killing people," I said, "but I'm sure Garrett's men will oblige you.  They'll be along soon."

"What about our steam drill?" one asked.

"On behalf of the trapped miners, I thank you for donating it," I smiled.  "Do you have any more stupid questions?"

They didn't.  I told them where to find the back door and they left, carrying the man with the wounded leg.

I headed after Garrett, meeting his soldiers along the way.  I told them where the kidnappers were going and they ran off in pursuit.  Callan kissed me soundly when I emerged into the morning light, causing lots of comments from those watching.  As she broke off, a smudge in the sky drew our attention.

Trailing smoke, Martin Bane's airship limped toward the city!

Has Bane's airship been attacked?  If so, by who?  Find out in Chapter 9, coming Monday!