Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 7

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Our hero must move to rescue Lord Garrett now!

I'd be silhouetted against the camp light if I charged straight ahead.  Instead, I rolled to the same side of the tunnel Garrett was on, rose into a crouch, and slipped along the tunnel wall.

The camp's sentry faced away from me, toward the entrance.  The rest of men sat talking, so I decided to try to let Garrett know what was about to happen.

"Garrett, it's rescue time," I hissed.  Garrett's face sharpened into concentration.  "Pull the rope taut, it'll be easier to cut.  Once you're free, run to the surface.  Don't wait for me."

Garrett gave a bare nod and stretched.  I moved to within five feet and quietly drew my sword.


Jumping up, I sawed through the thick rope -- but not before a shout rose from down tunnel.  Two of the men reacted quickly, drawing swords and charging.  I met them, rolled under hurried swings, and cut the leg out from under one.  Coming up from my roll, I thrust my sword into the throat of the second man.

The swift brutality of my attack gave the remaining five men pause, but the sound of running feet from down tunnel told me I couldn't afford to wait.

Charging the closest three, I said, "Surrender or die!"

No one surrendered.  The three men spread out, swords ready, and I saw a fourth man angling to get behind me.  I charged the man in the middle, then planted my foot and dove left.  I swung at the man on the left from one knee, opening his belly.  Spinning, I found the other three men backing away.

"Surrender," a voice called, "or your lord dies!"

Garrett lay on the ground with the sentry standing over him, a sword at Garrett's neck!

What can our hero do this time?  Find out in Chapter 8, coming Friday!