Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 4

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Time is running out for the men trapped in the mine and for Lord Garrett!

The map of the mine arrived.  An hour later, I found what I was looking for.

"Lady Michelle, are there any retired miners in the house?" I asked.

Michelle relayed the question to her majordomo.  Half an hour later, the husband of the head cook was ushered in and introduced as Jim.

"Jim, do you know anything about the silver mine just north of the city?"

"Where them boys is trapped and they's holdin' Lord Garrett?" he asked.  "Yeah, I worked it some.  Worked the copper mine t'other side o' the mountain more."

"Perfect," I said.  "This copper mine shaft looks like it gets close enough to the silver mine for me to break through, but I'll need a guide."

"Copper mine's been shut up fer nigh on twenty years," Jim said.  "Be dangerous."

"I've can't just let people die."

"Then I's yer man," Jim said.

An hour later, supplies loaded on the Pauline, Nist flew us to the copper mine.

"Nist, I'll send Jim back once he shows me the shaft, so wait here."

Prying the boards from the entrance we headed in.  Every inch of that mine was familiar to Jim, until we came to the sinkhole blocking our path.

"Sorry, son, ain't no other tunnel goes where you wanna git."  He turned toward me, "Boy, what you think yer doin'?"

I dropped the last of my gear to the ground and tied a rope around my waist.  "I'm going to jump across."

"You crazy?  It's gotta be thirty foot!"

"Just find a place to tie this end of the rope, in case I don't make it" I said.

Grabbing a pick, I stepped back.  Boost!  I charged toward the sink hole and leaped!

Can even a Boosted man make the leap before David or will he be forced to come up with another plan to free Lord Garrett?  Find out in Chapter 5, coming Friday!