Monday, March 11, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 3

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Our hero plans to enter the mine and rescue Lord Garrett!

Michelle gaped at me, "You're crazy!  There are ten men holding Garrett.  Callie, talk some sense into your young man!"

"What would your response have been if this was Rob?" Callan asked.

"I'd have asked what he needed," Michelle sighed.

"I'll need maps of the mine and an explanation of how this happened," I said.

Michelle sent for maps, then gave the explanation.

"A group of former military engineers arrived while Garrett was planning rescue excavations.  They said they'd come to demonstrate a new steam drill.  They offered to help with the rescue and Garrett agreed.  They asked everyone but Garrett and their team leave the mine.  For safety, they said.  Then they took Garrett hostage.  They claim they have watchers hidden in the mountains and ways of sending signals.  If we storm the mine or search for watchers, they'll kill Garrett."

"How do they communicate with you?" I asked.

"Speaking tubes, like in a large airship" Michelle answered.

"And their demands?"

"Royal pardons and more money than our fief has."

"Agree to the demands," I said.

"They'll kill Garrett when we can't deliver!" Michelle protested.

"No," I said.  "If I'm right, they'll change their demands."

Michelle looked thoughtful.  "Explain."

"This is just a delaying tactic to keep Garrett from assuming the regency.  These men don't care about the ransom.  They're waiting for a signal.  When they get it, they'll just leave.  They're probably using the steam drill to dig their own escape tunnel."

"Then why not wait for them to leave?" Michelle asked.

"Because they'll probably kill Garrett, anyway, and the trapped miners have to be running out of time," I said.  "This ends tonight or innocent people will start dying!"

Can David rescue Lord Garrett and clear the way for rescue excavations in time to save the trapped miners?  Find out more in Chapter 4, coming Monday!