Friday, March 8, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 2

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Callan's uncle is being held hostage in the mines!

Michelle looked around.

"Where's Rob?" she asked.  "We could use his advice."

Callan's face clouded.

"Oh, Callie!  I'm so sorry."  She drew Callan into another hug.  "Come inside and tell me."

Callan told the tale in a cheery sitting room.  Michelle's eyes flashed when she heard Queen Beatrice and Prince Raoul were behind her niece's kidnapping.  Callan left out nothing except our betrothal.

"Once your father is rescued, he's sure to call off the wedding to Rupor," Michelle said.

"He'd better!" Callan said.

A young girl's voice came from behind a tapestry, "See?  I told you Callie would never marry a Tartegian!"

"Ann, come out here this minute!" Michelle said.  "Ellen and Brolan, that goes the both of you, too!"

Three children came out.  The two girls looked to be four and eight, the boy eleven or twelve.  The youngest girl ran to Callan and climbed in her lap.  She turned big, brown eyes on me.

"Who's he?"

"That's David, my new captain of the guard," Callan said.  "David, this is Ann."

Taking a knee, I said, "I'm pleased to meet you, Ann."

Ann shrank against Callan.

"Do you want to hear a secret?" Callan asked.  When Ann nodded, Callan said, "I'm going to marry David."

All four of Callan's relatives gasped.

"Callie," Michelle said, her eyes dropping to Callan's belly, "are you in an...indelicate condition?"

Callan's mouth opened and closed, but she was too shocked to speak.

"No, My Lady," I said, "she most definitely is not."

"But he's a commoner!" Michelle said.

"There's nothing common about David," Callan found her tongue.  She squeezed my hand, "So do make sure you come back to me!"

"From where?" Michelle asked.

"The mine," I said.  "I'm going down to fetch Lord Garrett."

Can our hero do the impossible yet again?  Find out in Chapter 3, coming Monday!